Published 2 years ago in Dancehall

Jamworld - Bigger

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Jamworld performing his debut single, Bigger. This song entails all major locations in Belize and recognizes them as well as giving numerous shoutouts


Hattieville wi get biggaa yeh
New Site wi get bigga yeh
Belize City get bigga yeh
San Peezy get bigga yeh

Corozalll get bigga yeh
Orange walk nah respond to dem
Punta Gorda dont like beg fren
Belmopan man ah change di system


Every body know dat man ah rep di 501
True di thugs dem nuff
Dem seh wi gang bang

But money ah di pree
From mi was a likkle one

Try fi mek di video
So mi had to link the video-man

Yuh waste yuh life
in a dead end job

Neva do nuh murda, neva theif, mi neva rob

Just ah try mek
mi Madda inna heaven proud

Haffi got yuh own mind
Youths don't follow crowd

Thats why mi smoke mi weed
Yeh I’ m flying on the highest cloud

Dangriga get bigga yeh
San Ignacio bigga yeh
Caye Cauullllker bigga yeh
Benque border get lock off then

Yeah, man links real strong
Yow Cieg dawg

Mi deh ah yaad when mi get di strange phone call,

Ah must money
Yeh di paper and di coins dawg

Funds fi ah grow caz
wi tired ah be poor dawg

Haffi **** a couple gyal
Weh feel seh. me ah whore dawg

But when dem feel di lenght
dem seh ohh lawd

Dem bwii mek gyalis thing
look hard

Oh GAWD, Jamworld legit
Da bwii yah ah nuh no fraud

We wa rise aggo rise
We nah go fail

Mi bun court house
And mi bun jail

So yuh know
Yaad get bigga yeh

Pan di corner get bigga yeh

Round ah di studio
Get bigga yeh

Weh wi wah ah walk
every thing extend

Wi fresh like wataaa
Wi nuh stink like sweat.

Mi memba hard life g
Mi cya figet

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