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Marley Chatuye - Emeri
From the indigenous village of Hopkins, Belize, Marley Chatuye. Now the long-awaited release “Emeri(Course)” delivers an urgent call to his people, reminding them to live their true way of life and follow the cultural practices that make them who they are, Garinagu.
Marley Chatuye expresses concern for those among his people, particularly the ’educated’ ones, who have succumbed to worldly values and not the traditions of “I for you and you for me” (aü bun, amürü nun) which his ancestors lived by for so long has been whittling away.
However, Marley Chatuye understands the changing times and offers advice, highlighting the uses of modern day technology wisely in order to serve the needs of his people.
Nonetheless, Chatuye’s message is clear that the time has come for his people to revisit their roots and spiritually, reconnect with the past to protect and preserve the future of the Garifuna culture, but more so, to keep on the path.. #EMERI #MarleyChatuye #Garifuna_Music #music #survival #reenactment #Hopkins #Richati #GarifunaJustice #culture #Garifuna_Lyricist #ZiggyMusic JMP

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